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 Post subject: Will this game ever be worth playing again?
PostPosted: September 16th, 2018, 8:29 am 
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Before i start please in game admins or admin helpers don't even bother answering this question with answers like "yeah come in we are still developing" because i'm interested in real answers from who actually play the game and not some advertisements.

Game is literally dead i don't see any active player around, thats a truth but do you think it is going to change?

I know many players would be against my thoughts, because they are so in to their useless levels in their character statistics, which never help in game in anyway other than giving 1 or 2 extra points in dance.

But in my view, the source of why this game is dead already and rotting further more is that thing you call royalty. It is like there are no players anymore and i mean this for real. If a new player gets in game all they see is npc like player character which dances non stop that does not have ability to talk at all. WHICH IS TOTALLY AGAINST WHAT THIS GAME'S REAL SUCCESS WAS, "THE SOCIAL COMMUNITY". If you are really lucky with finding someone that has guild invite privileges and is not a NPC(yeah thats what you can call them now.) you meet people which are afk on constant. If most players that left the game and never returned needed a game filled with "NPCs" that moves time to time with no talk ability they would already download a single player game where they can just walk around and cant interact with anything, which is useless and not fun at all right? I'm not even getting in to how royalty killed the meaning of achieving stuff in game. I'll just give a simple example about that. You got guild task to level up your guild. You just click on screen and poof. I remember working my fingers up to the point they even sweat with my guild and even if we fail or not, it was one of the best thing in this game.

Oh I should also get in to those free "stuff" you give away on constant. I will also say the biggest problem about it, because if i get in to that, I would have write a post that doubles the size of this one.


I don't care if you agree with me or not. I just want to know if this cheat made on purpose will be deleted. Because whichever perspective you look it from. YOU ARE SUPPORTING A PAID CHEAT JUST BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T STOP THE CHEATING IN THE GAME AND IT'S EXACTLY LIKE OPENING UP A NEW BANK AND LETTING PEOPLE STEAL MONEY FROM YOU ON PURPOSE. EVEN I AM ASHAMED TO TRY TO MAKE YOU REALISE WHAT IT IS. If you really cant stop it ask me to create a anti cheat. Ask other players to do it.Ask community to help with stuff there were many people I knew in this game that definitely know about programming and memory hacking in many programming languages and definitely will help you.

 Post subject: Re: Will this game ever be worth playing again?
PostPosted: October 1st, 2018, 1:04 am 
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I read whole things you type. I agree most of what you typed but there is something which is the most players dont know about it. They made this themselves, in last year whole players get used to simple, they dont want to dance, dont want to incrase anything, dont want to spend much time for it or even dont want to "waste" their times for incrase their guild control points. They says it is "waste of time" yeah maybe they are right but in the other hand they have to think why we're not playing this game anymore like the old times. If someone say that thing probably most of players will say "we are bored of the current status" which means GM or Moderator's are not helping them as before or they are not doing new event's etc. Because current team is bored from the current too, but i believe this will be change soon Management has started to change somethings. You'll see soon probably, there is too much things to say but i want to keep short my thing. Just wait another week probably game will start to change.

Current active and worker GM's, Management and Moderators dont get me wrong btw. Thanks & Regards.



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