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 Post subject: [Guide]Divine for Fantastic Rewards
PostPosted: August 9th, 2017, 9:37 pm 
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How to use Divine :

1. Upon login, simply click on the ‘Star’ icon at the navigation bar to Divine; each attempt at Divination will gain you Sstars, with which you can exchange for fantastic rewards.


2. Each player has 16 attempts per day to clik Divine; each attempt used gains 1 Sstar; light all 4 Target Stars to get bonus Sstar.


3. 1st success gains 20 Sstar; each subsequent success gains additional 20 Sstar (20 + 20) and so forth.

4. Click on any one Divination Stars (box in yellow screenshot below) in the ‘Divine’ box (box in red screenshot below) to refresh (Divination attempt -1) and 5 Divination Stars will be randomly generated by the system.

If a Divination Star matches a Target Star (box in green screenshot below), click on that Divination Star to light up the Target Star. Your click costs an attempt and this will refresh the Divination Stars.

If more than one Divination Stars match the Target Stars, you can still click on only ONE Divination Star.

If you click on the Divination Star and that does NOT match any of the Target Stars, this click will also cost you 25 points an attempt and the Divination Stars will refresh.


5. You may spend your money to refresh the Target Stars; this will earn you no extra Stars.

6. You may also spend points to reset the attempt amount. Your current Stars will be cleared after you claim the rewards and reset your attempts. (You can only reset it, if your attempt is zero and you have claimed all the rewards.)

7. Sstars and Divination attempt refresh once per day.

You will be rewarded based on the number of Sstars you have as shown in the reward table below; the reward an eligible player will receive is randomly selected by the system among items designated for each reward bracket.


Note: When you have the required number of Sstars set for a particular reward bracket, you will be receiving ALL the rewards with lower Sstar count requirement.

1. Click on Image to view the rewards of the day.

2. Click on a reward picture (shown with the required number of Sstars) to receive the particular set of rewards .


3. If you wish to refresh the rewards, spend 125 points and then click on the ’Refresh’ button to refresh the reward items .

4. When you have received ALL the rewards, you CANNOT refresh further.

5. Rewards are automatically refreshed every day.

6. The ‘Aladdin’ item is to be exchanged with Aladdin Spirit Image *10


7. Wings of Airing Grace (Blue) *1 is to be exchanged with Image x10.


Credit : Philip1

8.Defeat Dance Bullies NPC everyday to earn Divine Card

Best Regards!

Enjoy 5 Street ^ ^

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