Dynamic Wings of Kurotamashi for Lily Voters

Event time: long term

Event details:

1. Anyone who cast a Lily vote at the Mayor Voting event may receive the superb Wings of Kurotamashi, a pair of flying wings with choreographed actions that can switch between static and dynamic modes.

2. Wings of Kurotamashi can be upgraded to Wings of Kurotamashi (Glam) with Star x3 + Glam Spirit x50 + Seal of Metamorphosis x1

3. Wings of Kurotamashi (Glam) x1 + Star x6 + Divine Spirit x100 + Seal of Metamorphosis =Wings of Kurotamashi (Divine)

4. Star is to be found in Lily and Super Megaphone Treasure Box;

5. Glam Spirit is to be received by dancing (except for Star Challenge) equipped with Wings of Kurotamashi;

6. Divine Spirit is to be received via dancing (except for Star Challenge) equipped with Wings of Kurotamashi (Glam).

7.  Seal of Metamorphosis can be received via voting Mayor with lilies.


Wings of Kurotamashi



 Wings of Kurotamashi (Glam)



Wings of Kurotamashi (Divine)



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