Shop Now for Cool Star Titles!

Event time: Aug. 23 to Sep. 1

Event details:

Each 1000 pts spent will gain you 5Street Star Title Card x1; the more pts spent, the more Cards received!


☆  The 5Street Silver Star title is to be exchanged with the Reward Coordinator with 5Street Star Card x5;

☆  The 5Street Gold Star title with 5Street Star Card x10,

☆  The 5Street Platinum Star with 5Street Star Card x15;

☆  The 5Street Diamond Star title with 5Street Star Card x20;

Those who own all 4 titles will accomplish the 'Shooting Star' Feat; Feat can be equipped.

Pts spent to exchange for Crystal and other in-game currencies will NOT be counted. All four titles are framed with colored login alert and special visuals.



Enjoy 5 Street ^ ^
5Street Service Team



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