Anniversary Special Rainbow Murano

Event time: Sep. 1 to Oct. 2

Event details:

You'll receive Anniversary Dice through various ingame activities during the event:

1. Anniversary Dice x2 for smashing radiant egg or jade egg;

2. Anniversary Dice x2 upon a round of Dance Bullies Challenge; limit to 4 per player per day;

3. Anniversary Dice x1 upon a Love excel; limit to 4 per player per day;

4. Anniversary Dice is available for sale in the Item Shop for 15 points each;

5. You'll receive Murano Token Pack x1 upon using Anniversary Dice on another player; your target will NOT be rewarded.

6. Murano Treasure Pack x1 will be automatically exchanged with Murano Token x888; find in the Pack Murano Staff x1 and the 'Murano Rainbow Rider' title x1;

7. Those who use the Murano Token Pack during the event may receive Butterfly and Dragonfly Decor.




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