Spin Your Way to Top Prizes!

Event time: Sep. 27 to Oct. 27

Event details:

Star Roulette prizes for players of Level 25 (or above)!

1. You need only to spin the Star Roulette to draw a prize and get Star Chips to exchange for exclusive titles!

2. Every 60 minutes in-game time earns you an attempt; limit to 3 per day.

3. Those who spend more than 2500 Pts will gain 3 extra attempts;

4. Wishing Card is available for sales in the Item Shop; each Card gains an attempt.

5. Make-a-wish card is available at the store for 15 points each or 18 crystals each.

6. Prizes include Fortune Gift Exchange Card, Xeno Swing, Keep-Me Stall, Wings of Stardust, Roulette Card, etc.


Xeno Swing:


Wings of Stardust:





and there are more gifts...


Enjoy 5 Street ^ ^
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